Bringing better to the world: How Coca-Cola’s Scholars Foundation engages alumni + shows its impact

September 14th 10am ET I 7am  PT I 4pm CET

Whatever size your organization, all organizations have one thing in common: You understand the value of measuring the impact of your alumni network. 

Foundations with hundreds or thousands of members or volunteers who have engaged with their network over the years want to be able to keep in touch with their alumni to network, offer mentorship connections and provide personal development opportunities. 

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation has provided over 6,600 Coca-Cola Scholars with more than $78 million in educational support since 1989.
The network of scholar alumni include graduates from the top Ivy League universities, US senators, Congresspeople, CEOs and other notable alumni.

Join us and Carolyn Norton, Alumni Relations Manager at the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation on how they leverage Community from Gravyty to engage, connect and measure the impact of their incredible alumni throughout the years.

In this webinar, you will discover: 

  • How to engage member alumni through relevant content, network opportunities and mentorship
  • Ways to measure success and areas of improvement of your alumni community
  • Tips for connecting your alumni to further increase impact and opportunities
  • How to transform your alumni network into positive brand ambassadors

Carolyn Norton

Alumni Relations Manager

Orly Shafir

Enterprise Account Manager

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