About the AWS DevOps Engineer position

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our team. As our first DevOps, you will know how to use the combination of DevOps cultural philosophies, practices, and tools to increase our organization’s ability to develop, deliver, and maintain applications and services at high velocity on AWS. This is a rare opportunity to join a successful startup that is rapidly growing, agile, and cloud-native and devoted to customer engagement, innovation, and our team. You will have demonstrated previous experience building and supporting scalable SaaS and platform based systems.

AWS DevOps Engineer Responsibilities

  • IT support for Onboarding new team members and maintaining security policies on the current workforce.
  • Train our dev team on new Ci/CD tooling and processes including Machine Learning models continuous delivery (MLOps).
  • Build management dashboards using AWS or other 3rd party tools to make the system observable. including monitoring, tracing, profiling, logs, and AI/Ops to detect, investigate, and remediate issues and to control cost and security.
  • Collaborate with research in our current Heroku platform to develop improvements to availability, scalability and performance for our new AWS environment.
  • Build and deploy AWS CloudFormation templates and Ci/CD pipelines to deploy applications on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), serverless applications, and container-based applications.
  • Build and manage our entire AWS infrastructure including Dev, Staging, and Production environments and services such as IAM, AWS Secrets, API Gateway/OAuth, EC2, SQS, Lambda, ECS, SQL, and NoSQL Databases, and other AWS services

AWS DevOps Engineer Requirements

2+ years of experience provisioning, operating, and managing AWS environments

Deep knowledge of serverless and container-based AWS services

Working knowledge of Python and administering Linux or Windows systems at the command-line level

Solid experience in Continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), infrastructure as code, microservices, monitoring, and logging.

Knowledge of AWS best practices such as the AWS Well-Architected Framework and willingness of continuous learning best practices through AWS whitepapers.

Great personal skills in communication and collaboration

AWS Certification is a plus

Machine Learning Operations experience is a plus

Additional Information

At Gravyty, our tech stack is Python, Django, React, GraphQL, Javascript, PostgreSQL, AWS, and Heroku.