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with Gravyty’s game-changing tools

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Fall giving is one of the most exciting—and busiest—times of year as fundraisers. Gravyty is here to help! Whether you’re reconnecting with donors after summer break laying the groundwork for an impactful fall Giving Day, the right tech stack and support makes it easy to reach and exceed your fundraising goals.

Enter Gravyty. Our integrated fundraising solutions leverage AI and automations to make your job easier and reach the right donors at the right time.

Digital giving forms,
crowdfunding sites + more

Our team of experts will build a digital fundraising site for your back-to-school or Giving Tuesday campaigns

Video appeals

A powerful way to quickly + easily collect online donations.
Make your asks more impactful through an embedded giving form directly under your personalized video messages. 

Video stewardship

Personally thank your donors at scale. 
Build and nurture meaningful donor connections with personalized video thank-yous. 

Impactful engagement

Raise makes it easy to engage and steward your donors through AI-powered outreach tools

As you tackle the fall giving season (and plan for the year ahead), Gravyty’s integrated platform and expert 24/7 support creates bandwidth for your staff or student ambassadors, and the implementation process is simpler than you think. 

Contact us today and get Raise + Advance + Gratavid free for the rest of 2023.

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