Graduway + Gravyty + Gratavid announce launch of Gravyty—the leading software company for social good

gravyty announcement

London, United Kingdom: SaaS companies formerly known as Graduway + Gravyty + Gratavid announce the launch of “Gravyty, your force for good,” the world’s most innovative social good software company, focusing on unlocking the full potential of member communities.

Through an ecosystem of products developed with patented technology, video software, and artificial intelligence, Gravyty is the world’s most innovative SaaS company for educational institutions, nonprofits and corporations. Strategically evolved through mergers and partnerships with trusted industry names over several years, Gravyty equips organizations to engage with their communities authentically,  automate administrative tasks, and manage digital fundraising efforts. 

Gravyty—Your force for good.

“Our goal has always been to provide innovative and impactful technology,” said President Sevonne Eliyahu. “This is why we brought these three companies together – we are focusing on being a force for good, unlocking an organization’s true potential by simplifying how they engage and fundraise.”

Gravyty’s product portfolio includes Graduway, Community, Advance, Raise, Peerpal, and Gratavid, which provides purpose-driven technology to 2,500+ of the world’s most influential universities, nonprofits, and corporations. With nearly 200 employees around the globe, Gravyty has diverse expertise in fundraising, admissions, nonprofit, and education sectors.

Commenting on the Gravyty team and values, Sevonne Eliyahu continues:

“We invest into our employees as much as we do our technology; I stand firm in my belief to take care of one another, and in return, our employees take care of the company. That is why we can offer our “white glove” onboarding, implementation, and account management services. Our teams become an extension of yours, and we are committed to our client’s success.” 

Learn more about Gravyty and our innovative ecosystem of products.

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