Trusted Partner Program

Connect your customers with a powerful, purpose-driven ecosystem of solutions

At Gravyty, our mission is to provide purpose-driven solutions that energize, mobilize and steward your community.

By providing superior operational efficiency, higher fundraising capacity and white-glove service, we enable our clients to engage their community authentically, increase fundraiser capacity and personalize digital fundraising efforts.

As a Gravyty Trusted Partner, you can share in our drive to be a “force for good”, while accelerating the growth of your business. Our clients trust our partners to offer solutions that enable them to reach their fundraising and engagement goals.

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Grow your business and find new opportunities with Gravyty’s platform.

Commercial partner

Integration partner

Marketing partner

  • Benefits: Revenue Share & Commission-based remuneration, Gravyty annual conference participation, Partner page listing, Product Training & Support. Collaboration on marketing content such as webinars, social media and blog postings
  • Strategic partnerships, co-selling, resellers, referrals, services consultant, lead generation, warm introductions, door openers and marketplaces

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Benefits of use

What’s in it for you?

  • Join an ecosystem that makes an impact throughout multiple verticals, including higher education, K12, nonprofit, corporate and healthcare
  • Collaborate with a leading provider of purpose-driven technology, including co-branded marketing opportunities and events
  • Benefit from the backing of K1, a leading investment firm with $5 billion under management
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personalized video messaging
Personalized video

Leverage the power of personalized video messaging

As a Trusted Partner, receive access to Gratavid from Gravyty’s personalized, human-centric video messaging solution—for free.

  • Say thank you to valued customers
  • Send personalized video messages for birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones
  • Let customers know about product updates, upcoming events, special offers and more

Become a Trusted Partner

Gain access to sales, marketing, training, and support resources that will help you grow your business.

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