Raise + Advance: A match made in fundraising heaven 

As a fundraising professional, you know that every dollar counts when it comes to supporting your institution’s mission. That’s why combining powerful fundraising tools like Raise and Advance can be a game-changer for your team’s efforts. In this blog post, we will explore five winning strategies that Raise users can leverage to supercharge their fundraising efforts by combining Raise with Advance from Gravyty, a cutting-edge fundraising platform purpose-built for large universities, colleges and Nonprofits across the globe.


As a Director of Enterprise Sales @Gravyty, I work closely with many fundraising teams and have seen firsthand the impact of using Raise and Advance together to create a comprehensive fundraising support system for major schools. In much the same way that Raise enables your organization to automate and optimize donor outreach and stewardship efforts, Advance provides powerful fundraising tools tailored specifically for universities and colleges like yours. 

Together, Raise + Advance create a match made in fundraising heaven, providing a seamless and powerful fundraising experience for institutions looking to maximize their fundraising potential. Read on to explore how fundraisers like you can use Advance to: 

  • Create a comprehensive digital fundraising experience 
  • Run Giving Days and crowdfunding campaigns with gamification and custom-branded sites
  • Make giving easy for your donors and motivate them to give more
  • Enhance your donor engagement strategy to increase ROI

Run giving days and specific crowdfunding campaigns with gamification, custom sites + more

These days, Giving Days and crowdfunding campaigns are well-established as powerful fundraising strategies that can generate excitement in your donor community. With Raise + Advance, you can take your Giving Days and event campaigns to the next level and amplify your fundraising results.

Advance provides you with the tools to automate and streamline your Giving Days and crowdfunding campaigns, making it easier than ever to manage and execute these initiatives. You can leverage Advance’s gamification features, such as leaderboards, challenges, and donor recognition, to create a fun and competitive environment that motivates donors to give more. 

Advance also allows you to customize your Giving Day or event campaign site with your institution’s trusted branding and messaging, creating a seamless and immersive donor experience.

Create a comprehensive digital fundraising experience

In today’s digital age, donors expect a seamless and convenient online fundraising experience. Raise + Advance provide you with all the tools and features you need to create a comprehensive digital fundraising experience that meets the evolving expectations of your donors.

Raise’s fundraising automation capabilities enable you to engage with your donors through personalized and timely communications across multiple channels.
You can leverage Raise’s AI-powered insights and recommendations to identify and prioritize fundraising opportunities and automate tasks such as donor outreach, gift acknowledgement and follow-up, freeing up your time to focus on building meaningful relationships with your donors.

Advance, on the other hand, empowers you to manage and track all aspects of your fundraising efforts in one central platform. You can use Advance’s comprehensive donor management features to capture and store donor data, track donor interactions and segment your donor base for targeted fundraising initiatives. Advance also provides you with powerful reporting and analytics capabilities that enable you to gain insights into your fundraising performance, measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, and make data-driven decisions.

Unlocking higher ROI with Raise + Advance

As the top fundraising and giving day platform, Advance offers a robust suite of features and tools that can significantly enhance your donor engagement strategy and ultimately lead to higher return on investment. With its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, Advance empowers organizations to cultivate meaningful relationships with their donors, drive participation, and achieve fundraising success like never before.

Advance’s seamless online giving experience greatly enhances donor engagement and experience with branded and customized giving sites that are easy to navigate and mobile-responsive. Advance offers a suite of giving options such as recurring donations, matching gifts and donor walls to empower your donors to choose the giving method that suits their preferences and circumstances. This level of flexibility and convenience can greatly enhance your donor engagement strategy by making it easy for your donors to support your cause and participate in your giving day campaigns.

Worried about adding tools and disrupting your flow? Worry not. Advance offers comprehensive training, support, and customer success resources to ensure that you maximize the benefits of the platform and achieve fundraising success. From onboarding and training sessions to ongoing technical support and strategic guidance, our Advance team is committed to helping you leverage the platform to enhance your donor engagement strategy and drive higher ROI. With our expertise and support, you can confidently navigate the platform and optimize your fundraising efforts to achieve your goals.

Wrapping up

Advance offers a powerful fundraising and giving day platform that can greatly enhance your donor engagement strategy and help you achieve higher ROI. With its robust donor management system, powerful communication tools, seamless online giving experience, advanced reporting and analytics, and elite training and support, Advance provides the tools and resources you need to cultivate meaningful relationships with your donors, drive participation, and achieve fundraising success. By leveraging the capabilities of Raise + Advance, you can optimize your donor engagement efforts, increase donor loyalty, and ultimately see higher returns on your fundraising investment.

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