GRAVYTY Stewardship

The first-ever AI solution for thanking and cultivating donors.

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  • Gravyty Stewardship automates stewardship by helping frontline fundraisers build relationships by proactively communicating a donor's giving history and other relevant information.
  • With Anomaly Detection, Gravyty Stewardship automatically compares a donor's current gift to prior gifts made, then suggests messaging based on the percent change and other giving factors or variables.
  • With Giving Societies, Gravyty Stewardship aligns with an organization's giving societies and notifies fundraisers to alert donors about increased giving opportunities to move into the next giving society.

Stewardship, Automated

Fundraisers spend an inordinate amount of time cultivating and soliciting gifts, but hectic schedules don't leave time to thank top and mid-level donors in a meaningful and personalized way.

Saying thank you should never be a secondary task. Proactively give thanks and cultivate donors!
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