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United over a shared vision of solving meaningful problems in fundraising with technology that the industry deserves. We have a mission to become the best technology company you have ever worked with.


Led by former fundraiser Adam Martel, Gravyty was founded in 2016 on the core belief that modern technology can supercharge fundraising. Our driving mission is to help nonprofits raise more money - without hiring more people or buying more data - and delivering actions (rather than just reports).

We are on a mission to advance advancement and make nonprofits AI-enabled.


card Adam Martel

Adam Martel


As CEO of Gravyty, the first and leading artificial intelligence company focused solely on social good, Adam Martel is driven by empowering nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, hospitals, and healthcare organizations to inspire giving at a scale never thought possible before.

card Lisa Alvezi

Lisa Alvezi

VP of Customer Success

With 13 years experience in higher education, Lisa brings her expertise in fundraising and relationship management to provide creative solutions and drive success for nonprofits.

card Andrea Scanlon

Andrea Scanlon

Director of Finance

Andrea is a results-driven leader, and as Finance Manager at Gravyty, Andrea oversees all financial operations for the company. She has a strong background in SaaS-based financial management, having worked with organizations such as Acquia, CloudHealth Technologies, and Digital Resources Group in the past.

card Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell

VP of Sales

After spending 20 years in collegiate athletics, Chris brings intimate knowledge of the higher education landscape.

card Barbara Talvitie

Barbara Talvitie

Director of Human Resources

Barbara oversees all Human Capital Management initiatives while fostering company culture.

card Marijana Radić Boone

Marijana Radić Boone

Director of Data Solutions & Implementations

Marijana's career has been built on helping mission-driven organizations use technology to achieve new levels of success. A former Gravyty customer, Marijana understands first-hand how artificial intelligence transforms what's possible in fundraising.

card Kevin Leahy

Kevin Leahy

VP of Marketing

With more than a decade of experience across marketing, public relations, and journalism, Kevin is a strategic communications advisor who is helping Gravyty tell its AI story to the world.

card Graciela Kravtzov

Graciela Kravtzov

VP of Engineering

As VP of Engineering, Grace brings leadership from Engineering, Operations, Quality, business strategy, and product development within the Healthcare and Education sectors and the IoT industrial space to Gravyty's customers and executive team

card Emily Groccia

Emily Groccia

Senior Customer Success Manager

Emily spent close to a decade in higher education advancement before joining Gravyty. She is passionate about bringing a collaborative and realistic approach to working with fundraisers to find unique strategies that maximize their success.

card Matt Pierce

Matt Pierce

Senior Software Engineer

Matt is a skilled software engineer who works tirelessly to bring impactful technology to your finger tips.

card Jona Ferreira

Jona Ferreira

UX/UI Designer & Developer

Jona is a UX/UI designer and developer who produces new and creative work for the best user experience.

card Linda Lull

Linda Lull

Senior Account Executive

Linda comes to Gravyty with more than 25 years of experience in fundraising software including Raisers Edge, NXT, Paradigm, Millennium and Research Point.

card Eric Finn

Eric Finn

Senior Software Engineer

Eric is a Senior Software Engineer helping frontline fundraisers build more relationships with AI.

card Ashanti Jackson

Ashanti Jackson

Customer Success Manager

Ashanti transforms what's possible in fundraising by giving fundraisers enablement tools that they love – with artificial intelligence.

card Keturah Hammond, bCRE

Keturah Hammond, bCRE

Senior Implementation Specialist

Keturah has 15 years of experience serving nonprofits, working as a data manager for higher education and medical organizations, and as a product manager creating and supporting fundraising applications.

card Drew Fox Jordan

Drew Fox Jordan

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Drew’s commitment to social justice, fueled by his competitive drive, helps prompt Gravyty’s mission to enable fundraisers with the use of AI.

card Reilly Conroy

Reilly Conroy

Senior Account Executive

Reilly brings a fresh approach to Gravyty’s outreach, infused with her innate diligence and passion for social good.

card Kenna Wood

Kenna Wood

Customer Success Strategist

Kenna has decades of experience in advancement and is motivated by helping fundraisers and their organizations achieve success, at scale.

card Steve Fiske

Steve Fiske

Senior Account Executive

With 20+ years of experience working in higher education, Steve comes to Gravyty ready to share his expertise and foster new areas of growth for the team.

card Thomas Dattilo

Thomas Dattilo

Software Engineer

Thomas bring a wealth of software engineering expertise to the team to help enable fundraisers.

card Walter Rivera

Walter Rivera

Senior Account Executive

Walter has extensive experience in higher education technology, including AI solutions. In his role at Gravyty, he empowers frontline fundraisers to raise more for the causes they hold dear with AI by personalizing outreach to more donors and prospects than ever before thought possible.

card Kerry Sullivan

Kerry Sullivan

Senior Customer Success Operations Manager

Bringing 5+ years of experience in higher education, Kerry is driven to deliver meaningful value to customers and to utilize their experiences to power product enhancements.

card Joe Black

Joe Black

Senior Software Engineer

Joe brings software development experience from multiple industries and companies of various sizes, making him a valuable member of the engineering team helping to enable nonprofit fundraising.

card Kathryn E. McCarron

Kathryn E. McCarron

Senior Customer Success Manager

Kathryn (Kat) brings over 13 years of non-profit fundraising experience to Gravyty. Kat has held a variety of positions such as chief development officer, director of advancement, and managing director of annual giving.

card Joe Solicito

Joe Solicito

Senior Account Executive

Joe brings over 10 years of experience with helping nonprofits all over the world. He is inspired by, and passionate about, solving the problems that ultimately help nonprofits realize their full potential and mission impact.

card Peter Lannoo

Peter Lannoo

Account Executive

A former minor league baseball player with a software startup and fundraising background, Peter brings a competitive fire and positive outlook to Gravyty. He helps develop new relationships with fundraisers, making high-level AI solutions available to all types of nonprofit organizations.

card Elizabeth Giroux

Elizabeth Giroux

Implementation Specialist

Liz has been in the fundraising field -- holding both externally facing and technical roles -- for over 10 years. She is thrilled to partner with Gravyty users and assist them in unlocking crucial funds for their mission-driven organizations.

card Shana Slavin

Shana Slavin

Customer Success Engineer

Shana is a dedicated engineer who is excited to help nonprofits get the best experience with Gravyty.

card Colleen Cimoch Smith

Colleen Cimoch Smith

Customer Success Manager

Colleen spent over 11 years in higher education with roles focused on strategy, relationship building, and the adaptation of new technology. At Gravyty, she helps fundraisers bring AI into their daily work to transform what's possible in philanthropy.

card Ollie Rothmann

Ollie Rothmann

Business Development Representative

Ollie is a dynamic relationship builder who has a passion for helping non-profits. As a former Advancement Officer in higher education, he knows how important fundraising is to achieving successful, mission-driven outcomes

card Nick Roy

Nick Roy

Business Development Representative

In his over 20 years of experience in customer service, Nick has come to understand that empathy and a shared dedication to achieving common goals are two of the most important tenets for success. He is excited to work with nonprofit organizations in helping them reach their missions through the use of AI.

card Margeaux Sinibaldi

Margeaux Sinibaldi

Business Development Representative

After running a small nonprofit for the past three years, Margeaux uses her passion to serve and industry expertise to help other organizations achieve their fundraising goals through the use of Gravyty’s transformational AI

card Christina Sears

Christina Sears

Business Development Representative

Christina is a force of positivity as she helps organizations apply AI for fundraising to serve the greater good.

card Megan Sanko

Megan Sanko

Customer Success Manager

Megan brings over 15 years of experience in cultural institutions – with roles focused on individual, corporate, and event fundraising – to Gravyty. With a passion for service, she is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations have the greatest impact on their communities.