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When deciding on which fundraising solution is right for your donor experience and organization, it’s important to carefully consider Evertrue alternatives and weigh all of your options. Explore the differences between Raise from Gravyty and Evertrue to help you determine which is best for you.


One smart integrated platform, with end-to-end engagement and fundraising solutions.

Evolving integrations with other Gravyty solutions and leading CRMs like RE NXT, BBCRM, Salesforce and more

Writes back every user action to your CRM making them visible to the entire team

Proactively prompts fundraisers using AI to surface the right donor at the right time

Eliminates barriers to action by delivering personalized donor summaries and links to social media, right to your inbox

Uses AI to learn your writing style and automatically drafts emails

Delivers the top priority donor one at a time for maximum efficiency

Flexible and scalable to every fundraiser’s needs + goals

Strategic donor engagement without the hassle of lists or rigid sequences

Gratavid integration offers automated + personalized video stewardship at scale

Your force for
AI-powered fundraising

Raise is a tool for action. It prompts you where you already work, in your email, so you do not have to learn a new software to reach out to donors. Donor outreach performed is recorded back into your CRM with no extra clicks or manual exports. Raise is flexible to each organization’s strategy, scaling to the volume and output needed for different roles on your fundraising team.

Stewardship at scale +
Optimize portfolios

Make memorable moments special. Raise notifies you when your donors make a gift. Stewardship prompts include gift details and suggested thank-you messages, so you can celebrate together with donors.

With Raise you can arrive at work each day ready to complete action steps and schedule follow-ups without leaving your email inbox, making portfolio optimization seamless and efficient. Plus, you can track incomplete actions to ensure you are up to date on all contacts without needing to log into time-consuming platform dashboards.

Questions to ask when looking for Evertrue alternatives

  1. How many steps does it take to complete an action with a donor?
  2. How does data get back into my CRM?
  3. How is giving likelihood determined?
  4. How flexible is the tool to the strategy I want to implement?

Reach the right donor at the right time

Complete timely, personalized outreach and maximize impact. Raise eliminates your barriers to action by using AI-powered tools to help you identify and prioritize donors who need the most attention.

Plan your in-person visits smarter

Spend less time planning and more time visiting with prospects and donors. Raise sends monthly travel suggestions or a targeted travel list based on donor location. Get the most out of your trips with proactive, data-driven location recommendations so you can focus on what truly matters.

The future of
fundraising is here.

Raise sends donor suggestions and info to your inbox for immediate action. AI-powered email drafts and CRM integrations enable personalized and timely outreach at scale. Experience the power of AI fundraising with more advanced Evertrue alternatives like Raise and watch your impact grow!

A single source of truth for donor engagement

Record all outreach actions in your current database with no extra clicks or manual exports. Fill the gaps where CRMs fall short and sync Raise with your action plans to receive prompts when future donor actions come due.

Trusted by the world’s most admired institutions

Learn how Raise AI fundraising software has benefited individuals and organizations nationwide.

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