20 sample fundraising text messages for every occasion

Short donation messages examples

With the oversaturation of voice channels for commercial outreach and ‘robocalls’ it has become more and more difficult for fundraisers to cut through the noise to grab a donor’s attention.

As channels like social media, text and crowdfunding continue to permeate the fundraising space, a trend is becoming clear: the new generations of donors prefer to interact on digital and mobile channels. 

Texting as a key method of communication for all generations of donors is a fact:

What is text message fundraising and how does it work?

Text message fundraising, also known as SMS fundraising, is easy to implement and quick to deliver results. For the purposes of fundraising, texting offers a personal, authentic and scalable way to connect with donors one-on-one, making them feel more connected to your organization and likely to become long-term supporters.

Some texting platforms for nonprofits allow you to create and send texts at scale and manage two-way conversations with a smart messaging center while integrating with your CRM to track donor touchpoints.

In this blog, we provide 20 sample fundraising text messages to engage donors and constituents through the entire journey, from a welcome text to donation messages examples to stewardship text messages.

Welcome new donors with peer-to-peer texting

[Name], Welcome to the [Organization or Institution] family! We are so grateful for your recent donation to our mission of [mission statement].

Welcome, [Name]! Your gift to [Organization or Institution] is helping us to make a real difference in the lives of [people or communities you serve]. Thank you for being part of our mission![Name], Thank you for championing [Organization or Institution]’s mission of [mission statement]! Watch this video to see how your donation directly impacts [cause]: [Organization video link]

Ask for a gift with these short donation messages examples

Hi [Name]! [Organization or Institution] is raising money for [cause or campaign]. Would you help us achieve our [mission or goal] by donating [dollar amount] today? [Link to donation page]

Hi [Name], it’s [Sender Name] here at [Organization or Institution]. Today is our giving day! Your gift last year of [dollar amount] helped us make some great changes in our community like [specific impact]. Help us reach our goal this year. Give now: [Link to donation page]

We can’t achieve [mission] without your support. You have the power to make a difference by donating to Organization or Institution]. This [time period of campaign], we’re combating [cause] by [initiative]. Give now: [Link to donation page]

Every week, [creative fact about your cause]. But you can change that. At [Organization or Institution], we [what you do]. And today, I’m writing to ask you to be a part of that. A gift of only [dollar amount] will [specific impact and time period]. Will you give? [Link to donation page]

Hi, [Name]. Each year, [Organization or Institution] makes an impact by [specific impact of organization and proof point.] Without the funding necessary to continue our mission, we risk [impact on org of not reaching revenue goals]. Will you help keep us running? Give here: [Link to donation page]

[Name], we have some bad news: We’re just short of our goal to be able to [project your campaign is funding]. Can you help us and make an impact with a donation of [dollar amount] or any amount you are willing to give? Support the cause: [Link to donation page] 

[Name], Our [athletic or extracurricular team] needs new [equipment or resources]. Can you help support by making a gift of just [dollar amount] today? Support the [team]: [Link to donation page]

Show appreciation with these short thank you messages for donations

[Name], thank you. With this generous gift, we’ll be able to continue [specific impact and time period]. Follow along with our project updates to see how your gift is benefiting our communities: [Link]

[Name], your donation is more than just a contribution; it’s a lifeline for those who rely on us for [communities or causes you support]. Your generosity empowers us to expand our impact. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your unwavering support.

Thank you, [Name]. Your support in our mission to [mission] fuels our determination to create lasting change by [specific impact]. Thank you for partnering with us on this journey.

Your gift helped us prepare for the year ahead. Times are tough right now, but your generous donation makes a huge difference in our communities. Thank you, [Name], for your unwavering support.

Your donation makes a real impact on [Organization or Institution]. Because of your gift of [dollar amount], we’ll be able to continue [specific impact and time period]. Follow along with our project updates to see how your gift makes a difference: [Link]

Build strong relationships and engage donors with stewardship text messages

Hi [Name]! Our day of giving is coming up on [date]. We hope you’ll participate again to help [challenge or cause of giving day]. Want to get a head start? Click here to give early: [Link to donation page] 

Happy birthday [Name]! We’re checking in today to wish you a great day and even better year ahead. We appreciate all of your support over the [years, months – time period of donor relationship].

Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from the alumni office at [School Name]. Congratulations on graduating! We’re cheering you on in your next path. Although you might no longer be on campus, we want to keep in touch. Can I send you a link to update your contact info?

Help us finish the year on a high note! Your tax-deductible donation to [Organization] before December 31st will ensure our vital programs thrive in the year ahead. Donate now and make a difference: [Link]

Hi [Name]! We’re hosting an alumni appreciation event at [event details]. We would love to see you there! Let us know if you can make it by RSVPing here: [Link]

Text message fundraising for the new era of donor engagement

In this digital age, texting will continue to dominate communication preferences. Cut through the noise and reach donors where they already are: on their phones. Build stronger donor relationships and keep your organization or institution top of mind with a peer-to-peer texting platform. Leverage these sample fundraising text messages for ways to make an instant impact at scale.  

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