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Use our K-12 admissions software to mobilize your passionate community of digital ambassadors to elevate admissions and enrollment

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Turn your passionate supporters into active ambassadors

  • Adopt our K-12 student enrollment software to streamline the recruitment of your ambassadors and simplify onboarding with a guided and efficient registration process
  • Enable parent, staff and student ambassadors to create powerful profiles and easily add video stories to increase engagement
  • Leverage conversation management tools to set reasonable limits for individuals, balance the load between ambassadors and quickly identify stalled conversations to keep them on track
  • Utilize safeguarding tools for full visibility into all platform conversations and ban problematic prospects

Amplify your #1 recruitment channel—Word-of-mouth

  • Motivate prospective families and students to easily engage with your ambassadors through an interactive website widget or landing page
  • Provide access to students, parents, alumni and faculty who are willing to answer questions and share their stories in real time
  • Offer a branded and unified messaging inbox for prospects to easily manage multiple ambassador conversations in one location
  • Showcase authentic student experiences to drive admissions and enrollment with our student recruitment software

Powerful + personalized communication at scale

  • Use our student recruitment software to manually pair ambassadors with prospective students or leverage auto-match to save time
  • Leverage step-by-step ambassador software to send thousands of emails, calls or videos at once to drive efficiency and results
  • Empower your ambassadors to reach prospective parents and students with personalized greetings, including authentic videos
  • Develop targeted outreach programs for the entire admissions lifecycle—prospective, applicant, admitted, enrolled and matriculated

Highlight a commitment to diversity, equity + inclusion within your community

  • Make inclusion a hallmark of your institution by empowering prospective students and families to connect with your ambassadors on a personal level
  • Establish student ambassador programs that represent your diverse community and invite individuals from all backgrounds, and make the organization easier with our K-12 registration management system
  • Attract prospective students with special skills and niche interests with segmented ambassador landing pages showcasing stories about specific academic programs, arts, athletics and extracurricular activities

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Onboarding, training + tech support

Our student enrollment management system is backed by live and on-demand onboarding sessions and step-by-step instructions that set you up for success with engaged tech support that’s available around the clock.

Customer success team

Our dedicated team works with you every step of the way from building your strategy to next-level tactics, all supported with materials full of proven best practices to ensure your success.

Network with your peers

Get access to the exclusive, virtual Gravyty Leaders Community and attend in-person networking events to learn from our thought leaders and connect with your peers.

Outreach emails sent resulted in a conversation on the PeerPal platform

Studies show that 75% of independent school applications now come from word-of-mouth referrals

Application rate at The Archer School for Girls after implementing PeerPal

Discover how our student enrollment software enhances your current admissions process

PeerPal is an engagement tool that adds value to your existing admission process. The platform increases admission yield by connecting prospects with ambassadors in your community. Our K-12 student enrollment software makes it easy for your school to develop and implement a “word-of-mouth” marketing strategy at scale by providing tools such as chat widgets—for your website and landing pages, as well as a robust ambassador management system.

Discover how PeerPal can help you create a multitude of meaningful conversations through targeted outreach campaigns, bringing you ROI and more personalized connections.

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Improve your processes with our K-12 registration management system

If you struggle with managing your ambassadors effectively, want to find a way to make your admitted families feel extra special or have the desire to differentiate yourself from competitors, PeerPal is the integral solution you need.

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