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Create fully branded online giving sites for giving days, annual appeals and crowdfunding campaigns with powerful gamification, marketing and sharing features to drive participation and increase donations. Discover the magic of our donor management software today!

We merge donor cultivation with functionality

Showcase your unique style

  • Easily add pages on your own from a library of modern-looking templates
  • Choose from multiple menu bar options for the all-important header on your site
  • Utilize a powerful drag-and-drop content management system to create completely unique pages for enhanced donor cultivation
  • Leverage our expertise and hands-on implementation services to design the exact look and feel you desire (at no extra cost)

Fast and flexible giving experiences

  • Build fully branded giving forms with unlimited funds, featured campaigns, suggested donation amounts and recurring gift prompts
  • Empower your donors to allocate their gift to multiple funds in a single transaction
  • Add incentive donation levels to promote giving societies and offer branded merchandise or sell memberships, event tickets and more
  • Create customized giving forms in our donor database software that can be embedded on any of your sites with consolidated donation tracking

Drive friendly competition and donations

  • Motivate your constituents to give more through competitions with animated leaderboards ranked by percentage increases of donations, donor counts or the number of gifts received
  • Create location-based donation challenges leveraging graphical heatmaps showing activity across the globe or within a specific region
  • Secure major gifts early and build compelling matching gift challenges, including dollar-for-dollar or 2x matches or participation goals
  • Insert dynamically updated donation thermometers to easily track progress on your overall goal and also include them in individual campaigns

Modern marketing and social sharing tools

  • Build eye-catching emails that perfectly showcase your brand and message by adding branded graphics, images and impactful videos
  • Elevate your email marketing with behavioral-based logic, variable merge fields, custom tags for segmentation and unlimited trackable campaign links
  • Empower your top supporters to leverage peer-to-peer social sharing across all major networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp
  • Leverage text and SMS functionality with our donor CRM by adding campaign-specific messaging and bulk send capabilities to save you time

Unmatched intelligence to optimize campaigns

  • Use our donor database software to create a robust collection of standard reports with automated timing and delivery to your team
  • Create an unlimited number of custom reports and align the fields with your CRM for seamless data reconciliation
  • Analyze email marketing results in a visual dashboard with key KPIs
  • Easily build Google Analytics charts directly in your dashboard to better understand visitor behaviors

Powerful integrations

Elevate the payment experience and streamline workflows by incorporating our donor management system into your operations


Auto-sync saves significant time for gift processing teams by dynamically updating your constituent records without third-party import tools

Double the Donation

This tool allows donors to increase the impact of their gift by making it easy to find corporate matching gifts directly in the donation form

Advance + Gratavid

Our system enables fundraising teams to enhance donor relations with personalized videos, while saving time by recording messages early and automating distribution based on smart rules

We’re ready to help
make integration of your
donor database
software seamless

Working as an extension of your

team is in our DNA

Onboarding, training + tech support

Live and on-demand onboarding sessions and step-by-step instructions set you up for success with engaged tech support that’s available around the clock.

Customer success team

Our dedicated team works with you every step of the process for implementing your donor CRM. From building your strategy to next-level tactics, all functions of our donor database software are supported with materials full of proven best practices to ensure your success.

Network with your peers

Get access to the exclusive, virtual Gravyty Leaders Community and attend in-person networking events to learn from our thought leaders and connect with your peers.

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Start engaging with your constituents in a meaningful way

When you adopt our donor database software, you can take your digital fundraising to the next level with customized features that entice your audience while delivering a highly professional and seamless donor experience. If you are interested in learning more about our donor CRM, be sure to reach out to our team for more information.

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