Ask the Fundraisers: Prioritizing mid-level giving and major gift donor engagement

How New England Public Media boosted mid-level giving by 70%

Reaching donors in a meaningful, authentic way is key to building strong relationships—but how can organizations do that at a scale required for reaching fundraising goals, especially with regards to mid-level giving and major gifts?

With a dedicated focus on delivering thought-provoking journalism, captivating arts and culture programming and educational content to the diverse communities of New England, New England Public Media (NEPM) is a testament to the power of media in fostering engagement and change. 

Beyond its great work in broadcasting, NEPM has seen powerful success in fundraising initiatives as well, including impressive growth in mid-level and major gift giving.

Patrick Carpenter, Senior Director of Development at NEPM, shares how his team prioritizes their communication efforts with donors and prospects efficiently by leveraging AI-powered fundraising tools.

With 22,000 active donors in their system at any given time, NEPM often found it challenging to cover so much ground, including prioritizing communications with their best prospects. However, with the help of Raise, the focus became more attainable, with the tool taking the thinking out of key fundraising tasks.

Raise offers a streamlined way for the NEPM fundraising team to organize work and stay focused, particularly on the mid-level and major gift levels.

With Raise in their tech stack, NEPM saw the most growth in these areas: 

Mid-level giving increased from $140k to $306k.
Major gifts increased 30% from the previous year.

“It seems like a magical tool to me,” Carpenter shares.

The NEPM team recognizes the importance of reaching the right people at the right time…with the right messages. With Raise, NEPM is able to cut through the noise and target individuals that they may have overlooked or not given enough attention. 

With a tool that can scale personalized donor outreach, it became possible for NEPM to view prospects beyond a mere spreadsheet or indicators of where donors are in their giving cycle. 

Carpenter emphasized how a tool like Raise is a gift that cuts through the noise and revolutionizes donor management in a way that is sure to improve efficiency for any organization dealing with a massive amount of donors and prospects.

The power of video stewardship for mid-level giving

Another element to NEPM’s success in driving mid-level and major gifts is video stewardship. 

With Gratavid, Gravyty’s video stewardship tool, NEPM creates personalized videos thanking donors for their contributions. These videos have proven to be a powerful tool in deepening relationships with donors and encouraging repeat donations.

“Gratavid has transformed our donor engagement strategy.The ability to personally thank our donors through video has added a touch of personalization that was previously missing from our communications.” – Patrick Carpenter, Senior Director of Development, NEPM

Fundraising is a team sport

Carpenter also emphasized the role of a dedicated customer success team in ensuring the smooth implementation of these tools. 

“Having a team that works collaboratively to ensure our success has been invaluable,” he says. “Their support has been crucial in helping us navigate the platforms and maximize their potential.”

Gravyty Customer Success Managers are dedicated to guiding clients through the implementation process into successful product use and strategy. Learn more about Gravyty CSM superheroes here. 

The keys to mid-level giving and major gift success

Knowing where and how to focus efforts to boost mid-level giving and major gifts isn’t always easy. That’s why NEPM turned to Raise from Gravyty.

Fundraising organizations like NEPM that manage a large number of donors and prospects can leverage the power of AI to streamline operations, focus communication efforts, and scale up their fundraising efforts to raise more donations and secure major gifts.

Get a consultation to learn how to gain more visibility into your donor base, prioritize communications, develop personalized approaches, and—most importantly—build long-lasting relationships with donors.

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