Annual, mid-level + major giving

Fundraising pipeline

Filling the fundraising pipeline

Traditionally, different disciplines of fundraising have existed in silos. Annual giving stands separate from major giving, mid-level donors exist in their own category and so on. However, when each department works in tandem towards an organization’s common fundraising goal, donors receive a more thoughtful and personalized donor journey

Donor retention through personalization

These experiences are what drive donor retention and increase giving. From a donor’s first gift to the Annual Fund through planned giving, fundraisers have hundreds of opportunities to provide supporters with a personalized experience. Failing to move donors through the giving pyramid ultimately decreases the chances of them renewing their gift in the following years or increasing their giving. That leaves you with a dried up donor pipeline while your organization’s fundraising goals continue to rise.

When organizations focus on targeting donors uniquely and personally within each phase of the pipeline, they will begin to see an increase in donors moving from the Annual Fund, to mid-level giving and finally to major gifts.

Additionally, special campaigns like Giving Days and Giving Tuesday can lay a solid foundation for donor pipeline growth by uncovering donors’ affinities and passions toward your causes and highlighting the importance of stewardship throughout the pipeline.

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