How Air Force Academy Athletics drove a 35% increase in donors with Giving Day software

Air Force Academy Athletics saw tremendous success in their fundraising efforts by leveraging Advance, the industry-leading Giving Day software from Gravyty. In this blog, we explore the reasons behind embracing fundraising technology and the impact it had on their campaigns.

Air Force Academy Athletics had been organizing their Giving Day manually, which proved to be time-consuming and inefficient. They would create graphics, update leaderboards and manage the day’s activities on the fly. However, as their advancement efforts grew, it became apparent that a more streamlined and automated fundraising solution was necessary.

The first reason they chose Advance from Gravyty was to enhance the ease of giving. On a day like Giving Tuesday, capturing donors’ attention and making the giving process as frictionless as possible is crucial. Their previous system had a long transaction time, which could deter potential donors. With Advance, they aimed to reduce the time to transaction and create a seamless giving experience for donors.

Another significant factor was the power of gamification. By incorporating gamified elements into their Giving Day, Air Force Academy Athletics aimed to create excitement and engagement among their supporters. Advance provided the necessary tools and features to implement gamification strategies effectively. Giving Day software not only motivated donors to participate but also added a fun and competitive element to the event.

How Advance from Gravyty supported their success

The adoption of Advance from Gravyty brought significant benefits to Air Force Academy Athletics’ Giving Day campaign. This section highlights the ways in which the platform supported their success.

One key area where Giving Day software proved invaluable was in providing their staff with more time and flexibility. With the automated features and streamlined processes offered by the platform, the staff had more opportunities to interact with donors and implement strategic initiatives. They could extend the duration of their campaign and allocate additional time for personal outreach, ultimately enhancing donor engagement and strengthening relationships.

Increasing donor count

A huge increase in donors with Advance

Air Force Academy Athletics witnessed a substantial increase in the number of donors on Giving Day, reaching approximately 2,300 donors, compared to 1,700 the previous year. 

Increasing the donor count was a primary goal for their fundraising efforts, as it unlocked additional matching gifts and donations. Advance’s tracking capabilities helped them analyze donor behaviors, identify cart abandonment issues, and recover potentially lost donations. As a result, they were able to reclaim around $35,000 and engage 50 donors who might have otherwise been missed.

Moreover, Giving Day software facilitated the empowerment of ambassadors, which significantly contributed to their fundraising success. In the past, Air Force Academy Athletics had struggled to track the impact of ambassadors and lacked the technology to effectively measure their efforts. Advance allowed them to create personalized pages for ambassadors and track their individual contributions. This approach generated approximately 400 gifts and $1,000 from the ambassador program in its inaugural year. With such promising results, they have high expectations for the program’s future impact.

Tips and tricks from Air Force Academy Athletics to run a successful Giving Day

Air Force Academy Athletics offers valuable insights and tips for organizations looking to run a successful Giving Day campaign. Here are some recommendations based on their experience:

  1. Leverage the ease of giving: Implement a streamlined giving process that enables donors to contribute with just a single click. Minimize transaction times to capture donors’ attention in the moment and increase participation.
  2. Incorporate gamification: Add gamified elements to your Giving Day campaign to generate excitement and engagement. Consider features such as leaderboards, challenges, and rewards to motivate donors and create a sense of competition.
  3. Allocate ample time for personal outreach: Don’t solely rely on automated processes. Allocate time for personal outreach and communication with donors. Building relationships and showing genuine appreciation for their support can go a long way in enhancing donor loyalty and engagement.
  4. Empower ambassadors: Identify individuals who are passionate about your cause and empower them to become ambassadors for your Giving Day campaign. Provide them with the necessary tools and resources to spread the word, create personalized pages and track their impact. The influence of ambassadors can significantly boost your fundraising efforts.
  5. Track and analyze donor behavior: Utilize the tracking capabilities of your fundraising platform to monitor donor behavior, identify areas for improvement, and maximize donation potential. Analyzing cart abandonment, donor preferences and giving patterns can help you optimize your strategies and recover potentially lost donations.
  6. Streamline operations: Look for a platform that offers automation and centralized management of data. This helps eliminate duplicate data entry and streamlines operations, especially for smaller teams with limited resources. Automating processes wherever possible allows you to focus on high-value tasks and maximize efficiency.
  7. Partner with a comprehensive platform: Consider utilizing a comprehensive fundraising platform like Advance from Gravyty. Having multiple tools and functionalities integrated into a single platform simplifies management and ensures cohesive fundraising strategies. A centralized contact person who understands the entire product suite can help align your goals and drive success.


Air Force Academy Athletics achieved remarkable success with their Giving Day campaign by leveraging Advance from Gravyty. By prioritizing ease of giving, gamification, CRM integration and ambassador empowerment, they were able to increase donor numbers, recover potentially lost donations, and enhance overall donor engagement. Implementing these tips and tricks can help organizations run a successful Giving Day and maximize their fundraising impact.

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