Top tips for integrating nonprofit software into your entire community engagement strategy

Community engagement has evolved rapidly over the past few years, with technological innovation playing a crucial role in enabling nonprofits and educational institutions to bring their communities together. In today’s world, a nonprofit software for community engagment like Community from Gravyty plays a pivotal role in helping organizations to enhance their community participation and deepen their impact. 

However, organizations need to integrate their nonprofit software efforts into their larger member engagement strategy to gain maximum engagement from their members. Explore ten top tips for integrating your community engagement platform into your overall engagement strategy.

Engage members early and often

Engaging members early and consistently is the key to success with community engagement platforms. It’s essential to communicate the value of the engagement platform across all of your communication channels to drive use and excitement of the platform. Engage those closest to your participants to be your ambassadors and champions of your community engagement platform.

10 Tips to integrate your community engagement platform into your entire engagement strategy

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Manufactured engagement is okay—and it’s actually a key to success!

While it would be great if everyone naturally engaged with their community, it’s a sad truth that not everyone will. Therefore, manufactured engagement becomes a crucial part of your larger engagement strategy. Make sure to offer small incentives to those who engage with your community and participate in activities or events, as well as those who find and tag their friends to participate. Manufactured engagement may feel forced, but it’s often what prompts people to engage initially.

It’s going to take longer than you might want, but it will be worth it!

Training is a journey

Using a community engagement platform and nonprofit software like Community from Gravyty usually entails a significant change in traditional engagement methods, so it is crucial to remember that training is a journey. 

All users may not be primed to start using the platform optimally when you integrate it into your engagement strategy. Having ongoing training events and creating support groups for new users is an effective way to climb the learning curve.

Measures of success and accountability

It’s crucial to measure the success of your engagement strategy and the ROI of the engagement platform. This measure will not only prove that your strategy is worth the investment, but it will keep your team accountable for the results. 

Community from Gravyty gives you great on-platform tools to track engagement levels, volunteer hours and other metrics to visualize your impact on community engagement!

Make it interesting for both registered and non-registered

If you want to get people to register, you have to show them how great the platform is. That means your communications have to show, not just tell. Lean into Community’s pre-populated user list to show unregistered users the value of engaging with their community through your platform.

Customized user experience

Remember: one size does not fit all when it comes to community engagement, so make sure that your engagement platform offers a level of customization to accommodate all stakeholders. This customization also means that you should have tailored engagement experiences for different groups in your community. Ensure that the platform allows for engagement with emails, text messaging, and all other communication methods to maximize participation. 

Community from Gravyty is designed to serve many different user types. Utilize all customizable areas to increase value and engagement for each user, leveraging resources from across the organization.

Community engagement is an essential aspect for nonprofits, and community engagement platforms play a significant role in facilitating building communities. 

Integrating community engagement platforms into your larger engagement strategy plays an essential role in maximizing engagement from your members. By following these tips, you can be sure to achieve maximum participation and overall success.

Leverage the power of your employee, volunteer or member communities to drive engagement, event participation, non-dues revenue and career development with Community. Let’s talk.