Using AI to find, reach + steward donors in a meaningful way

The challenge

Most fundraisers only spend 30% of their time on activities that actually bring in gifts. 

A whopping 70% of their time is spent on low-impact background tasks!

What the data says

  • AI to generate revenue of $800 billion worldwide in next 10 yrs1
  • AI tools allow orgs to manage relationships at 4x previous rate2
  • 82% of fundraisers think AI is a long-term solution in fundraising3

Fundraising is hard

Only about 20% of first-time donors ever donate a second time. Fundraising organizations are up against common challenges:

  • Limited time and resources
  • Attracting the right donors
  • Keeping your donors around

AI simplifies the entire process by using algorithms to determine who to qualify, cultivate or steward and even what amounts of money to request.

How can AI help?

Attract the right people to your cause

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Using AI to find, reach + steward donors in a meaningful way

Keep your donors around

  • Identify your best donors (hidden gems and repeat donors)
  • Identify their communication preferences

Form daily action plans

  • Take the administrative steps out of who to email, what to say and when to send
  • Increase the number of meaningful connections you can make in a day

Show donors you care

  • Steward donors with messaging that resonates
  • Use personal information like birthdays and milestones in your outreach

Keep records up to date

  • Eliminate the need to manually update records after each contact point
  • Get time back in the day for things that matter the most—making connections

Raise from Gravyty uses patented AI-powered technology to enable fundraising teams to personally engage and inspire 4x more donors and sustainably drive philanthropic outcomes across the giving pyramid. 

1 Boston Consulting Group, AI Has Launched a $200 Billion Revolution in Content Personalization, October 2021

2, 3 AAAC, The State of AI in Advancement 2020, 2020