Partners in alumni success: Deeper engagement and full-time support with Graduway from Gravyty

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What does it take to make an alumni engagement program successful? Is it a world-class alumni management software? Does it come down to a well-planned strategy, or the staff making it happen behind the scenes?

The truth is, a successful engagement program is the outcome of all of these factors. Without the technology to facilitate a robust and engaging alumni community, a strategy in place to run it effectively, and the resources to drive the program forward, impactful alumni engagement can’t happen. That’s where Gravyty comes in. With the technology, strategic guidance and 24/7 support you need to run a strong engagement program (with the data to back it up), Gravyty is your partner in alumni engagement.

Impactful features for alumni engagement

Modern mentoring

Facilitate structured mentoring through automated mentor matching, live chat, and mentorship milestones to deepen alumni relationships and promote career development. Plus, flash mentoring lets students and alums get immediate advice for things like job interviews, resume building, and internships.

“Universities are like mini villages with thousands of varied members. The mentoring platform has massively raised our profile internally and provided us with multiple ways in which to liase with other departments and offices for the benefit of the wider university and its population.”

Christopher Shank, Volunteers Manager, University of Southampton

Automated newsletters

Encourage registration and engagement through custom, drag-and-drop newsletters, highlighting upcoming events, campus news, alumni stories and more. Set weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly automated delivery.

Dedicated affinity groups to drive inclusivity and deeper engagement

Provide inclusive spaces for committees and cohorts to network and share resources. Group members can access a directory, newsfeed, events board, photo albums, messaging and more to drive interactions and relationship-building.

“With all this capability under one roof, I can do more, reach more people and run our alumni engagement operation so much more efficiently than ever before.”

Siobhan MacRae, Alumni Relations Manager, All Hands and Hearts

Dynamic, personalized homepage

The customizable homepage gives alumni members a personalized experience to promote engagement. Members can add customizable widgets for features like mentoring,  affinity groups, job posts and events, while giving platform administrators full control of the view of their community. 

Graduway homepage

Easy-to-use, built-in video messaging

Did you know people retain 95% of a message when viewed in a video versus just 10% when read via text? We’ve made it easy to cut through the noise and reach alumni with fun and personal video messaging, integrated directly in the platform. 

World-class stability & security

Hosted on AWS, your Gravyty-powered alumni network has top-tier stability and security so your community never misses a beat. The modern cloud architecture also supports faster product innovation to further enhance constituent engagement. Best of all, it allows us to keep your core compliance requirements at the forefront of our efforts.

Partnership beyond the alumni engagement platform

At Gravyty, we’ve been in your shoes. Our team consists of alumni engagement pros with years of experience at institutions like yours, so we understand your challenges and have the proven solutions to overcome them and help you reach your goals. Partnership is in our DNA, so we work as a true extension of your team—and we’re with you each step of the way to ensure your success.


The onboarding team handles initial setup and implementation of your platform. We’ll work with you to understand your goals, challenges, technical requirements and timeline. Live and on-demand onboarding sessions and step-by-step instructions

Ongoing success

Our dedicated customer success team works with you every step of the way from building your strategy to next-level tactics, all supported with materials full of proven best practices to ensure your success and increase your alumni engagement. Your dedicated team member will meet monthly to review program performance and give you actionable tips on how to improve.

Gravyty Leaders Community

As a Gravyty partner, you get access to the exclusive Gravyty Leaders Community to learn from industry thought leaders and connect with your peers.

Alumni engagement isn’t one-size-fits-all. Gravyty is your partner in delivering a tailored alumni experience. Get a demo to see Graduway in action. 

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