Engage + expand your digital alumni community through tailored video outreach

In today’s fast-paced and digital-first world, connecting with your constituents, donors and community members can be challenging. 

Utilizing an exclusive virtual, branded alumni community platform like Graduway from Gravyty enables you to personally reach and inspire your community, anywhere at any time.

Graduway + Gratavid, Gravyty’s personalized video messaging platform, offers a wide range of ways to communicate, tailored mentoring tools, professional development resources, event management and promotion. All these features and functionalities are designed to meet the needs of your community and bring people together. 

Explore how Graduway + Gratavid helps you bring human connection to a digital world.

Personalized video messages to your institution’s community

Gratavid integrated with the Graduway alumni community platform brings a human connection to a digital world. With Gratavid, record videos from any device to and generate unique links to request videos to prove success of your outreach. Gratavid also enables you to collect video thank yous from volunteers, scholarship recipients, or welcome new alumni from an alumni president. 

The video messaging platform is easy to use, and users can be raw and genuine while recording videos. This humanizes communication, enhances engagement, and fosters trust within the community.

What is Gratavid?

Gratavid is your personalized video messaging platform, designed to bring human connection to a digital world. 

  • Easily record videos from any device
  • Quickly request videos by email or text
  • Generate, edit and translate closed captions
  • Combine multiple videos into impactful reels
  • Analytics to understand video impact 

Tailored mentoring tools

Mentorship is a vital part of any alumni relations strategy. In the Graduway platform, mentoring tools are customized to your community’s needs, enabling one-on-one mentoring relationships and mentoring programs.

These tools enable your alumni community to offer and seek mentoring while also promoting growth and development within your community. Tailor mentorship to the needs of your community fosters human connections, growth, and development with your exclusive mentorship platform.

Professional development resources for your alumni community

The Graduway + Gratavid alumni community platform includes a job board and business directory that provides professional development resources to your alumni and student community, allowing community members to connect with opportunities that enhance their skills, knowledge and experience.

Watch the session

In this on-demand Gforce’23 session, learn how to leverage Graduway + Gratavid to create videos that speak directly to your target audience, increasing engagement and helping you reach new heights. Watch it now.

Event management + promotion

Planning and promoting events can be challenging, especially in a post-COVID world. Graduway’s event management and promotion features make things easier. Your community can plan, promote and manage events, promoting engagement and connection. 

It’s easy to use and promotes human connections, making it ideal for event management and promotion.

Community groups feature

Community members are unique individuals with their own goals, background, interest and experiences. Gravyty’s alumni engagement software offers the ability for your community to create member groups. 

This feature creates a platform within a platform, promoting personalized communication, engagement and connection. The groups feature fosters conversations, collaboration, and tailored interactions, promoting human connections within the community.

Use cases: Top ways to pair your alumni engagement platform with personalized video messaging

  • Encourage community members to join: Have your school president, head of institution or celebrity ambassador record a Gratavid and send it to your constituents, encouraging them to sign up.
  • Make users feel welcome upon registration: Record a platform walkthrough and explanation of features to help new users understand how it works.
  • Welcome users to join a group: Have your platform admin walk users through the functionality of groups and make sure users are being added to relevant groups.
  • Grow your business directory: Have businesses create videos for promotion and introduce themselves to your users.
  • Encourage mentorship connections: Highlight successful mentoring relationships and have users explain mentoring success.
  • Job board and career connections: Share stories of platform users who have made meaningful job connections through the platform.  
  • Populate your resources tab: Campus walk throughs, institution promotional videos.  Collect all collateral and store it in one place for easy access. 
  • Launch an ambassador program: Platform ambassadors can create videos introducing themselves to the community and encouraging sign up.

Engage your constituents with a digital alumni community platform + personalized video outreach 

Engaging and connecting your community has never been easier than with a fully branded virtual alumni community platform tailored to your needs. Graduway + Gratavid has a wide variety of ways to communicate, tailored mentoring tools, professional development resources, event management and promotion. 

The Gratavid personalized video messaging platform, tailored mentoring tool  and groups feature promote human connections, enhancing engagement, trust, growth, and development within the community. The platform makes it easy to create, manage, and promote events, foster personalized communication, and connect individuals with opportunities that enhance their experience. 

It’s time to bring human connections to a digital world. Let’s talk.

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