Gratavid joins graduway + gravyty’s ecosystem of products.

Graduway + Gravyty, the leading providers in virtual communities and fundraising, have merged with Gratavid!

Gratavid, a leading video platform that allows non-profits and education organizations to connect and stay connected to their communities by creating personalized videos, has merged with Graduway + Gravyty.

Bringing Gratavid into the Graduway + Gravyty ecosystem of products is another step in automating communication flows and improving designation to include other stakeholders. Built with the mission of bringing human connection to a digital world, Gratavid found that authentic and genuine videos connect deeper with audiences. This, combined with Graduway + Gravyty current technologies, will amplify impact, retention, stewardship, admissions, and engagement – unlocking the full potential of one’s community.

“This acquisition is an integral part of Graduway + Gravyty’s client strategy, providing a human feel and personalization in an extremely digital world,” said Daniel Cohen, CEO & Founder of Graduway. “We are empowering and enabling people to connect more personably with a mission close to their hearts – allowing us to deliver on the promise to energize, mobilize and steward communities.”

Gratavid works with Habitat for Humanity, Teach for America, United Way, Texas A&M, and many more. By integrating with critical CRMs in the industry, such as Blackbaud, DonorPerfect, Salesforce, Zapier, and Microsoft, Gratavid allows clients to filter and segment their audience based on donor information, gift amounts and milestones – making every interaction personal.

“Given Graduway + Gravyty’s proven track record of innovation and customer success, we couldn’t be more excited to start the next chapter of Gratavid by joining forces with their team,” said Will Trapp, CEO & Founder of Gratavid. “We’ve always been proud of our commitment to customer support and success, but now we can offer even more help and resources to our existing and new customers. We’ve never been more excited to get to work helping our customers fulfill their goals and objectives through personalized video.”

Combined, Graduway + Gravyty + Gratavid now work with 2,500+ schools, colleges, non-profits, and healthcare organizations globally, many of which have more than one product, such as UCLA: 

“UCLA is extremely excited about Graduway and Gratavid joining forces. We are always looking for dynamic avenues to harness our engagement and cultivation activities.” said Eshon Allen, Donor Relations Manager at UCLA. “Working with a single partner with their combined technologies to amplify our efforts is sure to be a huge success.”

About Graduway + Gravyty
Graduway + Gravyty joined forces in 2021, and are headquartered in the U.K., with operations in the U.S., Canada, and Israel. Graduway + Gravyty are trusted by 2,000+ leading schools, colleges, non-profits, and healthcare organizations globally.

About Gratavid
Gratavid is a software platform for collecting and sharing personalized videos. Working with clients such as Habitat for Humanity, Teach for America, UCLA, and United way, their mission is to bring human connection to a digital world.
Cal Rose at Wright Lindsey Jennings served as legal counsel to Gratavid.
Lumos Partners acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Gratavid.

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