How Fenwick High School raised six figures in new & increased gifts with AI

Stewarding giving day donors with AI

Key stats

  • Raised $711,738 in total revenue from 306 donors
  • Raised $456,292 in new and increased giving (i.e. 64% of total dollars raised)
  • Generated gifts from 69 new or SYBUNT donors re-engaged

About Fenwick High School

Since Fenwick’s founding in 1929, they have equipped young people with the tools necessary for successful, meaningful and faith-filled lives. Fenwick High School is a renowned educational institution committed to providing quality education and fostering strong connections within its community. 

The challenge: Engage with hundreds of donors & drive results with a small team

Fenwick High School was focused on building a strong donor pipeline, but their small team of gift officers along with a group of volunteers from the Fenwick Board of Directors struggled with reaching the right donors at the right time with limited resources. 

While trying to build a robust pipeline of new and lower level donors, Fenwick’s team also needed to engage more effectively and consistently with their primary portfolio of established donors. In parallel, the Fenwick advancement team needed a way to more efficiently steward giving day donors. 

The solution: Build a strong pipeline with an end-to-end fundraising solution to drive gifts & steward hundreds of donors

Fenwick fundraisers turned to the Gravyty fundraising platform to enhance donor engagement and streamline fundraising efforts. With Gravyty, gift officers can now engage with hundreds of prospects that live in large discovery portfolios, making it possible to build a more sustainable pipeline of new donors. 

Without Gravyty, they wouldn’t have the bandwidth to do this level of pipeline building work while also cultivating and stewarding established donors. 

“The integration between Advance and Gratavid streamlined our outreach efforts, ensuring personalized communication with our donors.”

Katie Vanaria, Director of Annual Giving and Advancement Operations, Fenwick High School

The Fenwick team also assigned one gift officer to engage with their primary portfolios of established donors through AI-powered prompts

Gravyty helps the team better steward donors after giving days, too. Their stewardship team of volunteers from the Board of Directors receive AI-powered outreach emails to thank donors who made notable contributions during those campaigns. They use Gravyty’s integrated video messaging tool to show donor appreciation and drive engagement at scale.

The outcome

Gravyty’s fundraising platform helps Fenwick’s small team engage with hundreds of donors efficiently and personally. With their end-to-end fundraising platform, the team is able to not only engage more donors on days of giving, but steward and cultivate them effectively months beyond the day itself. 

  • Raised over $230,000 on their day of giving 
  • Raised $711,738 in total revenue from 306 donors
  • Raised $456,292 in new and increased giving, 64% of total dollars raised
  • Generated gifts from 69 new or SYBUNT donors re-engaged

Solution spotlight

Gravyty’s fundraising platform helps fundraisers 4x productivity, deliver a best-in-class digital giving program, scale 1:1 outreach, and maximize dollars raised. Drive more gifts with fully customizable giving sites and crowdfunding campaigns supported with best-in-class texting, email, and video stewardship tools. Create a sustainable, scalable pipeline through AI-powered donor discovery, integrated digital giving data, portfolio optimization and tailored donor outreach.

Want to learn more? Contact sales today to take a tour of the Gravyty fundraising platform.

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