New benchmark report: Fundraisers will prioritize ‘donor engagement’ and ‘pipeline development’ in 2024

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, January 17, 2024—Nearly half of fundraisers say they did not meet pipeline goals in the last fiscal year. ‘Staff turnover,’ ‘manual processes,’ and ‘donor discovery and pipeline management’ were cited by respondents as key challenges faced in 2023, according to a new report by Gravyty, a leader in engagement and fundraising technology.  

The report breaks down findings from Gravyty’s Donor Engagement and Pipeline Survey, which solicited feedback from leaders representing 160+ fundraising departments, including higher education, K12 and nonprofit organizations. The report uncovers several key themes: 

  • Staffing: On average, organizations are looking to hire 2 additional major gift officers and 1.7 leadership or mid-level gift officers in 2024.
  • Omnichannel outreach: The use of video and text are growing, with nearly half of respondents (41% and 45% respectively) using these channels to engage donors. 
  • Top challenges: Respondents cited ‘staff turnover’ and ‘manual data management’ as key obstacles to success.
  • Prospecting tactics: 70% of fundraisers use wealth scoring and 31% use internal predictive models to qualify prospects.
  • Strategic priorities: Meaningful donor engagement and stewardship is the top priority in 2024 to improve pipeline building.

“The findings in our benchmark report indicate a clear path for success in 2024,” said Josh Robertson, Global Vice President of Product at Gravyty.

“Across the board, organizations are seeing the need to get much more efficient and streamlined with their fundraising strategy, tactics and solutions. By leaning on innovation and consolidated technology platforms, organizations can automate low-value tasks, spend more time meaningfully engaging donors, and unlock new pipeline opportunities in their donor base,” said Robertson.

Gravyty’s Donor Engagement Benchmark Report can be viewed here

“The Gravyty team is deeply committed to developing innovative solutions that help fundraisers meet their goals in the face of industry challenges,” said Gravyty President Sevonne Eliyahu

“Through Gravyty’s powerful digital giving tools, smart portfolio management, and AI-driven donor outreach capabilities, we aim to empower our customers to meet ambitious goals this year.” 

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