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About Take Stock in Children

Founded in 1995, Take Stock in Children was founded to give high potential, low-income students the resources they needed to graduate from high school, go to college, and set the course for their careers—a way out of poverty through education. Take Stock in College has grown out of its success. A main focus of the program is providing support through peer mentorship and the connection to college and university services to each scholarship student so they can achieve individual success. Today the program serves all 67 counties in Florida, has given over $230 million in scholarships and supported over 34,000 students. 

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Mentoring on scale, guiding to success

Challenges of growing a nonprofit community

  • Finding an easy, scalable way to help scholarship students prepare for college
  • Offering expert advice and resources to help college students to prepare for their careers
  • Creating a sense of community for it’s 34,000 alumni

The solution: Community’s nonprofit community platform

Community from Gravyty provided an ideal solution for both the Take Stock in Children (high school students) and Take Stock in College (university students) elements of the organization.

The attractive, easy-to-use and interactive platform provides the perfect environment that we were trying to create for its students and alumni to be able to network with one another at scale—without the staff having to act as intermediaries.

The most essential element for us was the peer mentoring capabilities and the ability to use their connected community for Take Stock Connect users to give and receive relevant college, career, and other professional advice via the mentoring hub.

Jill Hasner, President and CEO, Take Stock in Children

Community from Gravyty’s ‘willing to help’ settings provides this, allowing the students to connect directly, when they need! With Community from Gravyty, Take Stock Connect strives to be a “Leaders for Life” environment—a place where students and alumni go to help each other, lift each other up, offer success stories and a pathway for success to each other while offering a network of internships, jobs and leadership opportunities. 

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Mentoring on scale, guiding to success

We support a network each year of over 15,000 students. With Community from Gravyty, we can now offer a sense of community where students and alumni have a place to go to support each other for success. Eventually, we hope to have a network of 34,000 alumni and growing each year. A real home for the entire Take Stock family.

Jill Hasner

Want to learn more about how the Community from Gravyty nonprofit community platform will engage your members, alumni and network and in return keep them happy, involved, enriched and motivated? Let’s talk.

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