Connect people to your purpose

Your force for alumni engagement

  • Engage with your alumni anytime, anywhere
  • Give all your alumni access to a diverse and willing network of exclusive professional connections to ensure a more equitable playing field
  • Support your alumni community and businesses with a dedicated space to easily showcase their businesses
  • Provide your alumni and students career opportunities, guidance, coaching and mentorship
alumni engagement
alumni fundraising

Your force for digital fundraising

  • Gamify your digital fundraising platform and the giving experience
  • Design custom crowdfunding campaigns to promote new causes or support active fundraising initiatives
  • Amplify outreach with a scheduling tool and advanced segmentation
  • Deliver impactful stories with stunning visuals through the content management system
  • Analyze your results with customizable dashboards
  • Integrate with 150+ payment processors

​​Your force for AI-powered

  • Increase fundraiser capacity with a more organized, automated and streamlined system
  • Identify the donors prospects you need to contact each day and
  • Receive a tailored email draft to send them with the first Artificial Intelligence-powered email for frontline fundraisers
  • Machine learning provides the right ask amounts through donor history
  • Uniquely steward donors with messaging that resonates with them
  • Save time through automated outreach and integrations with your CRM or donor management tool
  • Automatically receive recommendations of which donors and prospects to visit when you are on the road
AI-powered fundraising
ambassador programs

Your force for ambassador programs

  • Connect prospective students, employees, athletes and clients with a community of ambassadors willing to answer questions in real-time
  • Request specific ambassador outreach, approve video messages and ensure connections are made in a timely manner
  • Keep everyone connected and feeling welcomed
  • Support initiatives surrounding diversity and extracurricular interests by inviting individuals from all backgrounds to represent your community

Your force for personalized video messaging

  • Create and streamline personalized video messaging to donors, alumni, volunteers and community members
  • Request videos individually or in bulk from staff, students, board members or advocates via email, text or a link
  • Automatically send stewardship videos when a donation is made and recorded
  • Increase engagement efforts by using video messaging for Giving Days, reunions, membership drives, birthdays and more
  • Make it easy to manage, assign and create personalized videos for your community
personalized video messaging
digital member communities

Your force for digital member communities

  • Engage with employees, members or volunteers anytime, anywhere
  • Build a fully virtual mentor network and nurture relationships at scale with guidance, coaching and mentorship
  • Promote DEI through your organization’s culture and content
  • Promote mentoring, professional development and career opportunities
  • Increase retention and maintain connections
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