How Boise State University got 87% more donors with AI-powered outreach

With large portfolios and a modest team of just four Leadership Gift Officers, the Boise State University’s advancement team needed a way to prioritize and engage those with the highest potential to become major donors. They also wanted to ensure they were staying ahead of evolving donor behavior and drive a highly personalized donor experience through digital channels. 

The fundraisers turned to Gravyty to streamline donor outreach, portfolio management and personalized stewardship to maximize fundraiser productivity and do more with less.

In this case study, discover how the Boise State University leadership giving team:

  • Consolidated their tech stack to implement one end-to-end donor engagement solution
  • Used AI to prioritize donors quickly, boosting interactions by 50%
  • Raised a six-figure gift through AI-powered portfolio management and outreach
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