The power of connection: How nonprofits use technology to scale fundraising + build stronger communities

At the heart of every nonprofit lies the community, and the ability to make meaningful connections is crucial to achieving success.
However, limited resources and staff can often hinder outreach and engagement efforts, leading to burnout and missed opportunities. That’s where Gravyty’s suite of fundraising and engagement tools comes in.

Learn how three pioneering nonprofits successfully used Gravyty’s tools to build a strong foundation of meaningful relationships and scale their fundraising efforts.

In this case study you’ll discover:

  • How The Dental Trade Alliance Foundation used Gratavid to unleash the power of personalized video 
  • How WUCF-TV, a PBS member television station in Orlando, Florida, used Raise to streamline and personalize their stewardship
  • How the Terry Foundation used Community to provide an online space for their alumni
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