Creating a culture of philanthropy:

Energize, mobilize + steward your community through cutting-edge engagement + fundraising tools

Every organization has its own culture and personality that sets the tone for how its members work, interact and behave. Research shows that the culture of an organization significantly impacts its effectiveness and productivity. 

Creating a strong culture of philanthropy is essential for every nonprofit, regardless of its field. To foster this culture, everyone in the organization and its broader community of supporters and volunteers must be empowered to be as effective and engaged as possible.

In this guide, learn how to build a philanthropic culture through:

  • Develop meaningful relationships with donors and steward them along their journey
  • Build a supportive community around your organization
  • Host dynamic and interesting fundraising events such as interactive appeals, Giving Days and Giving Tuesday campaigns
  • Implement strategies to personalize stewardship efforts at scale
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