How an Admissions office got a 70% click-through rate with personal video emails

Strong CTR with video email

Enrollment has become a competitive process. With more options for students and parents, it’s no surprise that admissions offices are feeling the pressure to stand out. 

Archbishop Riordan High School in San Francisco, CA was looking for a way to add a personal touch to the admissions process. They were tired of all the automated emails that felt impersonal and needed a tool to help them stand out from the crowd.

Enter Gratavid from Gravyty

Gratavid is a tool that allows organizations to create personalized videos at scale and send them via email or text. Admissions offices use Gratavid to thank students/families after campus visits, congratulate accepted applicants, and communicate throughout the admissions process.

Archbishop Riordan High School partnered with Gratavid to create personal videos congratulating students on being accepted. The campaign exceeded expectations.

We love that Gratavid brings the human connection without making our students feel like another name on a spreadsheet. The overall Gratavid experience has been revolutionary for our admissions team.

Danny Curtin, Director of Admission

The campaign objective

Danny Curtin, Director of Admission at The Archbishop Riordan High School wanted to congratulate students who had just been accepted to high school in a unique and personal way. The school decided to create a personalized video for each student who was accepted.

We wanted to make every applicant feel that their application was important and that we got to know them on a personal level.

Danny Curtin

The staff was excited about the prospect of 500 personalized videos, but there were serious logistical concerns that needed to be addressed. Could they pull it off without marketing’s help? Would they have to upload each video to YouTube? How would they email the videos out? Not to mention, would Danny have the time?

The solution

Archbishop Riordan High School turned to Gratavid for help.

Danny compiled his list of contacts into a CSV file and uploaded them as a list of tasks in Gratavid. The Gratavid tasks list makes it easy to record a list of personalized videos and share them with ease. Danny didn’t have to rely on marketing to edit or share the videos. He was able to execute the campaign from start to finish without draining other resources. 

The task list is a lifesaver for any team or individual looking to stay organized. Not only does it help you manage time by providing the perfect list of tasks that need completion, but you can also record and send a video directly from the list! You can even add comments when importing your tasks to remind you how to personalize each video.

On top of the incredible open and click-through rates, Danny received almost 200 replies. Here are just a few of the replies Danny received.

  • “What an awesome video! Thanks so much!”
  • “Thank you! Loved the personal touch!”
  • “Thank you! Ben is SO excited!  What a lovely way to let him know. Must have taken so much time!”
  • “Mr. Curtin, thank you for believing in me.  My family and I are very excited about this opportunity to be part of your community.”
  • “What a wonderful way to make this announcement. Thank you so much.”

For Danny and Archbishop Riordan High School, this campaign was a huge success. 

Admissions yield strategies

Danny’s tips for getting great engagement on your video

  1. Organize by list and upload your list as tasks in Gratavid.
  2. Write the contact’s name on a piece of paper to draw their attention to the video email. Danny held up a note that said “Congrats!! [Student Name]”
  3. Make it personal. Don’t just mention their name, but call out the student’s interests and passions.
  4. Go off-script. Make the video feel personal and informal.

How to get a 70% CTR on your next campaign

If Danny has inspired you with his approach to video messaging to support your admissions yield strategies, you can send your own video emails with Gratavid. Setup is easy and you’ll be recording video and getting incredible results like Danny in no time. Get your free consultation.

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