Making the most of your golf events with personalized video

Spring is here and golf outings are in full swing. A popular event for many organizations, golf outings take a lot of time and effort to put together but can really make an impact on your organization for years to come. Your participants can feel the excitement and anticipation build as they prepare to step up to the tee, but after they’ve made the pledge to play, what will you do to ensure those donations don’t fade away after the event is over?

Here are 4 ways to use personalized video for a tee-rific golf event.

Before the event

Use video to share details about your upcoming golf event. Share the date, time, location, where the funds will be allocated and let people know how they can sign up and get involved. Have a well-known figure within your organization record the video so people will recognize it when it appears in their inbox. 

You’re already one step ahead by sharing your mission and the reason for hosting the golf event in this initial send, connecting more deeply with your community in a more dynamic way.


A few days before the event, send out a reminder video to everyone registered for the event. This way, you stay top of mind, and it helps to create some fun anticipation leading up to a full day of golf. Consider having another member of your organization send out a video to mix it up and get a fresh face in people’s inbox.

On the day of the event

Leading up to the event, collect powerful testimonials and impact stories that you can share with golfers on the course. Add your impact stories to Gratavid from Gravyty and create a fun branded landing page that connects your organization to your mission. 

Using Google Chrome (or another browser’s) QR code generator to easily add a QR code to a sign at each hole for your players to scan and watch has proven quite engaging for many organizations. After all, who doesn’t love a good QR code surprise?


After the event has finished, send out a big thank you to all sponsors and attendees. Be sure to film at the golf course the day of the event so you can send it out the next day. With this video, share ways to get the golfers involved with your organization, whether through donations, volunteering or advocacy. Sending out a prompt thank you will ensure that you are still top-of-mind and leads to greater success.

Final thoughts

Golf outings allow you to welcome new donors to your organization, and typically players come from invitations from current donors or sponsors to their foursome. Through video stewardship and showcasing your nonprofit, converting golfers into repeat donors has never been easier.

If interested in learning more about utilizing Gratavid for your upcoming fundraising event, schedule a demo with us today! 

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