Creative ways to increase student enrollment with an ambassador tool

Increase student enrollment

Admission offices constantly look for ways to increase student enrollment and interactions with prospects. A smart way to approach the admission cycle is understanding a prospect’s journey when deciding where to attend school.

A prospect’s journey will almost always start with researching the school via its website. The admission page, frequently asked questions and the application process will likely be pages on your site a prospect will explore during their research.

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Improve your enrollment with PeerPal

Other important factors for students when determining a prospective school are hearing first-hand experiences from current students and visiting the school, either physically or virtually. The pages prospects will naturally land on (FAQs, admissions, etc.) are opportunities for your to showcase your top school ambassadors. This can be done through PeerPal from Gravyty—a digital ambassador software tool that will appear on your website and attract prospects to interact with your school’s biggest fans.

Top tips to increase student enrollment with an ambassador program

Your current students are your most authentic advocates

No one can speak to the student experience better than a current student at your school. Providing prospective students and familiar the opportunity to chat with students just like them is invaluable for making a decision on where to attend school. Student ambassadors can reach out to prospective students with tips, share personal experiences and give families a campus tour to help them feel welcomed and engaged.

A student ambassador program may be leveraged for:

  • Video welcome campaigns to increase yield
  • Answering questions about student groups, sports and other extracurricular activities

Connect prospective families with happy families of enrolled students

Families want to speak with other families and hear firsthand experience of having a child enrolled at a specific school. Happy families will make powerful ambassadors. They are a great way to connect and engage prospective families with the school. This ensures authenticity and help prospective families feel comfortable and at home at your school.

Parent ambassadors are great for:

  • Keeping up the momentum after open house to steward prospective families toward submitting applications
  • Answering questions about diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility
  • Phone or email welcome campaigns to increase student yield

Admission and faculty access encourages transparency

Using the PeerPal from Gravyty platform for the admission and faculty pages allows families to get a feel for the school community. Admission and faculty members can utilize the ambassador platform to make sure there is more transparency about faculty and the opportunity to ask specific academic and extracurricular questions.

Inform prospects about campus activities and extracurricular programs

Connecting your prospects to interest-based profiles is a great way to use the PeerPal from Gravyty platform. This allows prospective students and families to connect with the clubs and departments they’re most interested in and learn more about what your school has to offer them.

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Keep your community connected with alumni profiles

Creating alumni profiles is a great way to keep your community connected after graduation. This allows former students to stay in touch with their peers, enables them to reflect on their time at your school and offers excellent networking opportunities.

Highlight diversity, equity and inclusion within your school community

An appropriate representation of your ambassador community is crucial during the research process and application decision. Making inclusion a hallmark of your institution by empowering prospective students and families to connect with your ambassadors on a familiar and personal level.

Support initiatives surrounding diversity and extracurricular interests by inviting individuals from all backgrounds to represent your community.

Interested in mobilizing your passionate community of parent, staff and student school ambassadors to increase student enrollment and boost yield? Let’s talk.

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