Devoted + motivated school brand ambassadors

School ambassador program

Leverage your students, families + alumni to promote your school brand

What comes to mind when you think of the happiest place in the world? When thinking of the most romantic city in the world, what do you envision? If you were asked what was the most popular known soda brand, what would you answer?

Most people will answer Disney®, Paris and Coca-Cola® to the questions above. Why is that? Branding, branding, branding.

Your school is, in fact, your brand, and using ambassadors (such as students and families) as your brand ambassadors will ensure you’re using the highest-rated enrollment marketing tool (86%)—word-of-mouth (according to InspirED 2020 Private School MarCom Report.)

What does this mean for your brand? Happy families and students will do the marketing for you, serving as your devoted and motivated school ambassadors.

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Devoted + motivated school brand ambassadors

Leverage word-of-mouth marketing through school ambassadors

Ambassador programs and word of mouth are the most beneficial tools schools use worldwide. When schools want to amplify their admission effectively and efficiently, they must take their school ambassador and word-of-mouth tactics one step further into digital spaces.

Connecting your school’s biggest fans with prospective students and families amplifies your top recruitment channel. When a parent is deciding where to send their child, their first step is typically to search the school online, research academic and extracurricular opportunities and plan to visit the school either physically or virtually. Finally, they seek out first-hand experiences of the school from other parents and families.

Connecting your brand ambassadors with prospective students and families on your website with the PeerPal from Gravyty school ambassador tool gives parents and families the answers and experiences they seek in their decision-making journey.

How student ambassadors can boost your school’s brand

PeerPal from Gravyty makes it easy for prospective parents and families to find and engage with like-minded people who currently have a student aending the school, learning about their experiences with having a child participate in a school’s organizations and clubs or makes plans to get a tour of the school from a fellow parent or student.

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Devoted + motivated school brand ambassadors

Modern schools need a modern and thriving ambassador program. Your school is a brand and your enrolled and satisfied students and families are your brand ambassadors.

How can a school’s student ambassadors boost your brand? Happy and motivated students make happy and motivated brand ambassadors who will draw prospects with their authenticity and passion. These student ambassadors feel a sense of purpose, and are essential for the schools success.

Often, these are students looking for extracurricular opportunities to stand out or are eager to showcase their skills.

From an admission standpoint, this is a win-win. It also helps students to develop leadership skills, leading them to success beyond the school campus.

Interested in mobilizing your passionate community of parent, staff and student school ambassadors to elevate admissions and enrollment and increase yield? Let’s talk.

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