Why Gravyty

Your partner every
step of the way

One integrated platform, with end-to-end engagement + fundraising solutions

At Gravyty, we know an engaged, inspired community turns into a dedicated donor base. Gravyty provides an integrated platform that enables educational institutions and organizations to accelerate their mission through purpose-driven technology.
We help you streamline strategic planning and execution with fewer partners. 

Cutting edge, leveraging AI, automations + integrations

We help your team innovate faster, evolve the constituent experience and drive outcomes. We evolve our integrations with leading CRMs to make it easier for client teams to integrate once and reduce the burden on their advancement teams.

Industry expertise +
support 24/7

Our team has walked in your shoes and has access to a network of 2,600+ organizations helping you unlock solutions to the most pressing challenges you face today and tomorrow. With a global footprint, our team is poised to be ready when you need us most.

Financed. Flexible. Futureproof.

With $72 million in funding and eight strategic industry acquisitions, we’re a partner that’s with you for the long run. Backed by K1, a leading investment firm with $5 billion under management, we have the security and financial flexibility to adapt to your needs, and a team that continues to invest, grow, and delight our customers.

$72M In funding
6 Companies acquired
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