Eliminate manual work and streamline gift reconciliation by integrating Advance with Raiser’s Edge NXT

Keeping track of fundraising campaign data and Giving Day results in your CRM is a daunting task full of manual work, often resulting in errors or missing information. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Importacular to integrate Advance from Gravyty with RE NXT. Now our partners can quickly and easily import data from Advance to their CRM for greater campaign insights.

Elevate your data game with Advance + Raiser’s Edge NXT

Easily collect fundraising campaign data with capabilities built for speed and precision:

  • Efficiency: Export data from Advance to RE NXT with ease, eliminating the time-consuming process of manual data entry and messy CSV uploads.
  • Configurability: Fully customize field mapping and matching criteria, ensuring the highest level of data accuracy and organization.
  • Error reduction: Create smart rules to ensure incoming data works seamlessly with your existing CRM values. 

The Advance + RE NXT integration delivers more than data management; it helps transform your fundraising operations.

Common use cases for Advance + Raiser’s Edge NXT

Here are just some of the use cases for this powerful integration:

  • Gift reconciliation: Easily import key data from Giving Days, crowdfunding campaigns and more. Collect donor biographical information and gift details by automating one-time gift imports or quickly uploading offline gifts into a batch for committing to unique records in RE NXT.
  • Recurring gift processing: Leverage the Advance giving form to promote recurring gifts and rely on the integration to record new recurring gift schedules into RE NXT, while accurately accounting for donations to both the new and existing recurring gift schedules established by your donors.
  • Tribute gift tracking: Collect tribute gifts from donors on behalf of someone else or to commemorate a specific cause or event, then ensure the gift and relationship details are tracked properly within the Tribute area of RE NXT.

An integration to empower fundraisers

Enable your data team to efficiently sync essential donor and gift details, along with affiliations, pledges, tributes and custom fields to provide comprehensive campaign insights and help optimize future initiatives.

Are you a current customer? Contact your Account Manager to get started. 

If you’re not yet an Advance from Gravyty customer, get a consultation to learn how Advance from Gravyty can power your digital fundraising, Giving Days and crowdfunding campaigns.

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