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fundraising suite

Fall Giving Video Series with Gravyty’s fundraising suite

Gravyty’s fundraising ecosystem is comprised of Raise, Advance + Gratavid, game-changing solutions for your Fall Giving efforts. Our powerful ecosystem saves you time and optimizes efficiency by removing manual tasks, personalizing donor outreach at scale and powering email stewardship with AI.

Check out these videos to learn best practices + tips for boosting your Fall Giving success

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  • Giving Tuesday with Gratavid for Nonprofits

    Hear from Chana Oz, Customer Success Manager at Gravyty

  • Giving Days with Gratavid

    Hear from Brittany Nardi, Onboarding Manager at Gravyty

  • Giving Tuesday for Nonprofits with Raise

    Hear from Kim Avraham, Senior Customer Success Manager at Gravyty

  • Fall Giving with Gratavid for Education

    Hear from Frank Mumford, Account Executive at Gravyty

  • Fall Giving with Raise for Education

    Hear from Christine Derrickson, Customer Success Manager at Gravyty

  • Fall Giving with Advance for Education

    Hear from Lizzy O'Mara, at Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child

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