Alumni Engagement Masterclass: Four successful campaigns from a leading independent school

Charterhouse is one of the UK’s leading independent schools offering boarding and day school for students aged 13-18. Established in 1611 and situated in idyllic pastoral surroundings, it is one of England’s most well-known and desirable schools. They are proud of their community of Carthusians, who form strong bonds with the school and make “connections for life.” 

Charterhouse faced some challenges in engaging its alumni. To address these challenges, the school launched several creative campaigns. As a result, Charterhouse saw measurable growth and established meaningful and authentic alumni relationships. 

Download to discover actionable tips to engage alumni:

  • Bring your alumni community online
  • Drive meaningful, authentic and scalable mentorship engagement
  • Keep profiles up-to-date and helpful
  • Track and recruit “lost” alumni at scale
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