The “crown jewel” of alumni engagement

Using Graduway from Gravyty, the University of Southampton shares its experiences.

UoS launched its Graduway from Gravyty platform—branded E-Mentoring Southampton—in the spring of 2020 to provide a new way for the global alumni community (numbering 245,000) to network with each other and receive career guidance. 

In this case study, discover:

  • Learn how the University of Southampton launched E-Mentoring Southampton in 2020 to help their 245,000 alumni network, receive career guidance, and interact during the Covid pandemic.
  • Discover the many benefits offered through this platform such as broadcasting events, providing direct access to engaging networks, and keeping their CRM updated.
  • Find out how UoS achieved user sign ups by communicating with users, setting up meetings, and building partnerships with students in addition to measuring success based on user experience, communication levels, and volunteer recruitment.
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