The secret to following up with donors

Donor follow up with Raise task management

I’m bad at follow-ups. I can create them in my database or put sticky notes all over my computer, but they’re usually the last thing I remember to do and the first thing to fall through the cracks when other priorities arise. A lot of clients I speak with have had the same experience. There should be a better way to take action on donor follow-ups.

That’s why we created a better way to ensure you never miss a follow-up: Task Management within Raise from Gravyty.

How do you follow up with a donor?

A relationship with a donor is a two-way street. If you want to encourage donors to give, participate, or develop a meaningful connection with your organization, it’s important to keep the conversation going all year long. But what’s the best way for fundraisers to do that when you’re tasked with managing hundreds, if not thousands, of relationships?

With the Task Management tool in Raise, you’ll receive the follow-up in a prompt in your email inbox on the date it is due.

Don’t miss a beat with donor follow-ups. Let’s talk.

In addition to prompting in-app follow-ups, Raise can read follow-ups from your CRM and prompt them in the same way. When you complete a CRM-created follow-up, we’ll update the open task in your CRM to close it and add notes about the action you took.

Peter Lannoo, Raise Product Manager, breaks down how Task Management makes donor follow-ups easy and scalable.

Why institutions + organizations use Task Management for donor follow-ups

In testing and early conversations with our clients, we have seen a few impactful uses of Task Management:

  • A high-volume gift officer is working through a cadence of outreach to donors with the goal of engagement. Task Management prompts the next step in the cadence so they don’t have to manually track each touchpoint.
  • A major gifts or institutional giving officer is responsible for maintaining existing relationships by providing valuable touch points throughout the year. These tasks live in the CRM, but are pulled into Raise along with their notes for a reminder about the action needed.
  • A Stewardship message after a gift is expected, but setting a follow-up from that message for two to three months in the future reminds a fundraiser to send a second thank you or provide information about how the gift was used.

Throughout the testing period, Task Management users completed 4x more follow-ups than standard Raise users. And one organization who hadn’t previously utilized Raise follow-ups at all completed 80 in their first week with Task Management.

Let us help you follow up with donors in a more scalable way with Raise. Let’s talk.

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