How to create a fundraising video campaign: 3 stewardship ideas to hit your year-end goals

According to the latest benchmarking reports, nearly one third of fundraising revenue is generated in December. That means it’s not too late to hit your year-end goals and get a head start on 2024 giving—and a fundraising video campaign could be your best option. 

With just a few days left in the calendar year, direct mail and mass emails are likely not going to cut it. Enter Gratavid—an easy to use video thank you tool, to help you quickly deploy a personalized end of year campaign, at scale. Stewardship isn’t just about saying thanks; it’s about building relationships, creating excitement and hitting those fundraising goals at the end of the year. In this blog we’ll provide three tips on how to create a fundraising video campaign that brings in gifts—fast!

How to create a fundraising video that connects with donors on a personal level

You know how a personal touch can make all the difference in fundraising. With Gratavid, you can personalize those connections at scale. Imagine sending a video update straight from your campus, showing the impact of past donations, or sharing the story of a volunteer who made a huge impact on your nonprofit. Donors love seeing the real-life impact of their contributions. 

So, how do you personalize beyond saying thank you? Here are some easy-to-implement ideas to get you started!

Idea 1: Breaking the ‘Thank You’ mold to close the year

Video outreach is fantastic for sending heartfelt thank-you messages, but it’s not a one-trick pony. Think about it—when was the last time you got an exciting video update about a campaign you contributed to? Probably not often. By leveraging video, you can send dynamic campaign updates, share the progress you’ve made, and keep your donors in the loop. It’s like bringing them into your fundraising journey!

Idea 2: Be specific about your year-end goals

Donors appreciate being invited into your organization, including your aspirations and goals. If you have a year-end fundraising goal or budget to hit, let them know! A video message is the perfect setting to be upfront and, when needed, vulnerable about the organization’s needs. Your donors give because your cause is important to them. If you are honest about a need, especially urgent ones, they will rally to your cause once again!

Idea 3: Event reminders that stand out

Hosting an upcoming fundraising event or holiday party? Instead of the usual written reminders, why not create a quick video invite with Gratavid? It adds a personal touch, and let’s face it—people are more likely to remember a fun, engaging video than a plain text email. Plus, it sets the tone for a memorable event, making your donors feel like they’re part of something special.

How to create a fundraising video campaign to help achieve your goals year round 

An end-of-year video campaign is a great way to build lasting donor relationships and a sustainable pipeline. When donors feel more involved, they’re more likely to keep supporting your cause. Whether you’re updating them on campaigns, sharing the latest from campus, or just sending a friendly hello, Gratavid helps you build stronger relationships, and strong relationships lead to strong support.

So, it’s time to think outside the “thank-you” box. With Gratavid, you’re not just sending messages; you’re creating experiences that resonate with your donors. Get a demo to see the platform in action, and watch as your fundraising goals become more achievable than ever before. Happy fundraising!

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