Strengthen your nonprofit community + fundraising efforts with AI + fundraising automation

As a nonprofit, building strong relationships with your donors and volunteers is key to achieving success. Doing this takes effort and time—building strong relationships requires being present in people’s lives on a regular basis—especially when you have a large community to reach out to and each person or group requires a personalized approach. Fortunately, modern nonprofit technology is here to help you manage your donor and volunteer communities more effectively while allowing you to reach or exceed your fundraising goals.

Here are some steps to take in order to strengthen your nonprofit’s community:

1. The right tool for the job

Even with a team of fundraisers, each managing their own donor portfolio, it can feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to do all the necessary research and make personalized and meaningful contacts.

This is an area where donor management software can make a significant difference to your fundraising team’s ability to meet its goals. Solutions designed to help with personalized donor stewardship already exist, it’s just a matter of finding the right one.

2. Stay organized

Organization is key to the success of any enterprise and is especially important in the non-profit, healthcare and even corporate sectors where resources might be spread thin. Organizations can’t afford to waste time and resources due to disorganized practices. Poor record-keeping and inadequate means of communication can cause organizations to drop the ball, or worse, repeat tasks that have already been done by another person. 

When devising new donor relationship strategies or evaluating how well a certain approach has performed it is critical to look back at the history of the relationship and examine key metrics such as how many times a donor was contacted, whether they responded to emails, or attended events. You might also want to examine how soon after giving a donation a donor was thanked (within 48 hours is considered optimum) and whether this had an impact on their future gifts.

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