Fundraiser productivity during a CRM change

CRM change management for fundraising

Many organizations, at one time or another, consider changing or upgrading the CRM they use to manage their donor database. In fact, perhaps your organization is going through a CRM change right now. What does this mean for productivity?

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Arkansas State

For Raise from Gravyty customers, a CRM transition means very little with regards to donor outreach and building relationships. Not only do Raise users remain up and running throughout CRM transitions, but they also thrive.

Arkansas State University (A-State) transitioned from Ellucian Banner to Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT. Christy Harvey, Executive Director of Advancement Services, had concerns about keeping her fundraisers up and running throughout this process. Gravyty worked with her to proactively map data so A-State’s fundraisers were supported by our AI-enabled fundraising software, regardless of where the university was in terms of its CRM transition.

Even before the transition was complete, Gravyty set up its automated Raiser’s Edge NXT integration so A-State fundraisers were also fully supported after the transition was finalized.

Knowing that this might be a cause for concern for fundraisers, such as David McClain, Executive Director of Development at Arkansas State, Gravyty proactively set up a consultation to help him thrive.

The impact on Raise from Gravyty users during your CRM change

Within one week of his consultation, David reported that, amid everything going on with the CRM change, Raise helped him connect with a donor and secure an endowment scholarship. That’s not just maintaining productivity through a transition—that’s thriving during a transition!

My focus is on building relationships between A-State and our generous donors, not technology — especially not on changing CRMs. With Raise, I didn’t have anything to worry about during the transition. I’ve continued to receive Raise’s prompts without interruption and I’ve continued prioritizing the most important aspect of my work: inspiring donors, not learning how to navigate a new CRM.

David McClain, Executive Director of Development, Arkansas State University

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