Why partner with Graduway?

Benefits of partnering with Graduway

“Software as a service” vs. “community as a service”

Software as a Service (SaaS) was what institutions needed 10–15 years ago. Technology companies would provide the software and let their clients take over from there.  Today, it is all about providing a “Community as a Service.”

Community as a Service means relying on a trusted third party to help you build something, adding value to clients. It means working with a well-connected team to create a network effect throughout your products and services.

Providing a technology solution is the foundation of a service but it’s critical your clients are comfortable using and managing your products.

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Why partner with Graduway?

Onboard the solution + optimize performance with a dedicated team

At Graduway from Gravyty, we believe that a great relationship is built on trust and mutual respect. We provide our partners with a service, not a product.

Our dedicated launch team is divided into two areas: onboarding and optimization. The onboarding team handles initial setup and implementation of the tool, while the optimization team works with clients to help them achieve their goals within set timeframes.

Benefits of the onboarding + optimization teams

  • Maximize the benefits of the tool. Different partners require different strategies and we are there to pave the way.
  • Bridge the gap between senior management and admins who use the tool daily. This allows community managers deliver results to upper management while minimizing investment of time and resources required from the team.
  • Partner with solution experts on reaching your goals. We work with you on solving your specific problems and come up with a timely and achievable solution together.

Access to Gravyty Leaders Community

The Gravyty Leaders Community (GLC) is a platform that enables connections between two or more members of our community at scale. We’re proud to offer this service to all of our customers because we believe that collective intelligence can be stronger than the sum of its parts.

At Graduway from Gravyty, we practice what we preach by offering our clients access to our own leadership network. Our clients have used this feature to connect with other leaders in the community and share their learnings, solution best practices and advice. One client even used it to set up an impromptu lunch date!

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Why partner with Graduway?

Consulting from experts + hands-on support

Growing alumni community engagement is a challenge for many alumni relations professionals. It can be difficult to measure success, and it can be a challenge to find the resources you need to make progress.

But we’ve got your back.

Best tips for growing community engagement

Performance of alumni relations tactics aren’t always easy to measure, and you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Make sure your team is collecting data on all tactics and that they’re communicating with one another about the results.

Mass mailing is an important part of any alumni program’s sustainability. But if it’s not done well, it can also be a waste of resources. We recommend using the Digest feature that allows you to send out frequent, timely updates instead of just one big blast every year or so.

As a client, you can take advantage of helpful resources like best practices and tips for growing community engagement in the GLC community.

Networking is an important part of growing community engagement. Connecting with industry peers helps us learn, grow and develop as professionals.

Don’t be the bottleneck. Unleash the power of your alumni network by enabling your community members to connect through Graduway. Get a demo.

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