10 of the most “Advanced” Giving Day sites of 2022 using a Giving Day platform

Giving Day platform with fundraising gamification

Gravyty from Advance partners raised millions of dollars on the platform already this year—here are a few of the most creative sites built on the platform in 2022 so far.

Since February 2020, Advance has helped our partners secure over $553 million dollars from 600,332 unique donors. In that time, our partners have crafted custom sites on the Advance Giving Day platform that processed 1,027,834 gifts from 16,148 individual campaigns.

Here are just a few of the outstanding sites built on the platform this past year, powering successful Giving Days for each organization:

1. Best use of gamification to boost engagement: Florida Institute of Technology’s Game Room

Fundraising gamification is a fantastic way to engage constituents during your Giving Day, but the Florida Institute of Technology’s team took things to the next level with live-streamed and in-person events. Check out the video below of their Family Feud-style game show.

2. Most-improved leaderboard: Columbia University

Columbia University implemented dozens of challenges to boost giving to various schools, programs and causes. Live leaderboards update in real-time, keeping invested donors hitting refresh throughout their Giving Day to see the results!

3. Best 24-hour live stream: Villanova University

Villanova’s 24-hour live stream was a massive success. ​​The 1842 Day Primetime Special featured musical performances, comedy, games, and some of Villanova’s best and brightest students. Faculty and alumni guests from across the university contributed as well!

4. Best use of smaller challenge gifts: Punahou School

In the world of online fundraising, every dollar counts. Punahou School managed to ignite some friendly competition within their community and inspire community-wide support for their students by unlocking several challenges throughout their Giving Day.

5. Most customized site: Microsoft Alumni Network

Advance allows organizations to heavily customize their Giving Day sites to their specific needs because one-size-fits-all solutions are never as effective as bespoke ones. Microsoft Alumni Network and Advance support staff collaborated to build a site tailored to their unique requirements.

6. Best use of swag to encourage participation: University of Miami

Who doesn’t love a good piece of swag as a memento for their contribution? While t-shirts, mugs, and hats are reliable stand-bys, the University of Miami kicked things up a notch with custom domino sets and even a branded waffle maker!

8. Most revenue secured from an Abandoned Cart Reminder: Wisconsin University – $18,000

We’ve all had the online shopping experience of putting something in our cart and getting distracted by some work or social media scrolling. With Advance Abandoned Cart Reminders, Wisconsin University made sure to not leave those gifts on the table—to the tune of $18,000!

9. The site with the most fund designations showcased: Boston University with 339 funds Letting constituents give to the fund that means the most to them—whether that’s a club or athletics department or the college they graduated from—boosts engagement and helps create donors for life. With a whopping 339 fund designations available on their giving day, Boston University made sure everyone could give to their cause.

10. Best use of a mosaic tile: Chaminade High School

Constituents love seeing photos of those whose lives are made better by their gifts, but what do you do when your gifts impact so many? Chaminade High School made great use of Advance’s mosaic tile tool to showcase as many photos as possible—all in the shape of their logo.

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